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SKAPARKRAFT on Placa Progres 7

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2022

Could never dream of the wonderful response I received when the studio at Placa Progres 7 was finished and I started with Tuesday nights' Paint & Bowl. Wonderfully. Thank you all. Full for five weeks in a row and continues to be filled with new wonderful curious people who go into the creator bubble. The studio was just as good as I dreamed of with its small courtyard, its charm, its location, its large sink :-) and sandstone wall against which all works can radiate. The location from the street gives curious knocks that ask what is happening and when you can come. I also feel that SKAPARKRAFT's basic idea with mindfulness combined with curiosity, courage, laughter and being able to explode in colors has emerged. Also great to look after an evening all personal, different, unique tablecloths. Totally amazing. Thanks!

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